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Proofreading is a necessity for any written work—and it's something that I'm very good at. I've been working as a proofreader & editor for several years now, and have a large amount of experience across a variety of genres and formats. I'm also an avid reader and will devour anything I can get my hands on.

For proofreading, I charge £0.005/word. This works out to £5/1000 words. The time required for a project will vary depending on the length and the rest of my workload, and this can be discussed during a consultation. I normally charge in pounds but can convert to your currency. You will always receive back two copies of the document - one with the track changes feature on, so you can see any edits, and a clean copy. I communicate with clients throughout the process, and I'm more than willing to work out payment schedules as needed if there are budget concerns. For full manuscripts, I do require a 25% deposit upfront. Samples of previous work are available upon request, and I'm more than willing to carry out a short trial to see if we're a good fit. 

All payments should be made through PayPal (or direct bank transfer, if UK based). Work will not commence until the scope of work is agreed to and a deposit is made, if required. 

What I do

  • Fiction manuscripts (all genres, except horror)

  • Non-fiction manuscripts

  • Academic essays

  • Business proposals

  • Blog posts

  • And more!

Proof Reading: Services
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