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Editing is essential if you intend to self-publish your manuscript, and luckily for you, it's what I love to do! I've been working as a proofreader & editor for several years now, and have a large amount of experience across a variety of genres and formats. 

I offer a combined developmental, line and copy edit package. I'll make changes to enhance the clarity and flow of writing, but I’ll also look at the overall structure of the piece and offer suggestions on how that can be improved if needed. I'll also work with you to enhance the narrative, character development and more, and help fix any plot holes. Of course, I will also fix up the grammar, spelling, and punctuation. For non-fiction manuscripts and shorter texts, I will instead consider your arguments, ways to strengthen them, and the best way to present them. I only work on one manuscript at a time, so you can be assured if you hire me as your editor, you'll have my full attention. 

I charge £0.0075 per word, which works out to £7.50/1000 words. I can edit novels, memoirs, short stories, assignments, cover letters, business proposals and more. The time required for a project will vary depending on the length and the rest of my workload, and this can be discussed during a consultation. I normally charge in pounds but can convert to your currency.

You will always receive back two copies of the document - one with the track changes feature on, so you can see any edits, and a clean copy. I communicate with clients throughout the process, and I'm more than willing to work out payment schedules as needed if there are budget concerns. For full manuscripts, I do require a 25% deposit upfront. Samples of previous work are available upon request and I'm more than happy to carry out a short trial of up to 500 words to see if we're a good fit. 

All payments should be made through PayPal (or direct bank transfer, if UK based). Work will not commence until the scope of work is agreed to and a deposit is made, if required. I will always return two copies of the document—one with tracked changes, and a clean copy.

What I do

  • Fiction manuscripts (except horror)

  • Non-fiction manuscripts

  • Business proposals

  • Academic essays

  • Blog posts

  • Cover letters

  • And more!

Editing: Services
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