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REVIEW: Throttled by Lauren Asher

Updated: May 8, 2021

Sometimes Kindle Unlimited leads to amazing discoveries. Throttled, Lauren Asher, and the Dirty Air series absolutely fall into that category.

Noah Slade is a legacy of Formula 1 thanks to his father, and has the reputation and skills to match. Maya Alatorre is a new college grad trying to figure her life out, vlogger—and sister to Noah's teammate and biggest rival, Santiago. When they meet, sparks fly, but Noah's reputation precedes him and Santi warns Maya off.

But the heart wants what the heart wants, and there's no denying the chemistry between them—it's electric. That said, in addition to Santi's disapproval, Noah has a whole host of issues that keep getting in his and Maya's way. But what is Asher's crowning glory, and what made me fall in love with her as a writer, is that Noah actually gets his shit together. Y'all, this man goes to therapy. How often do you see the troubled hero get some professional help for his problems?

Noah's growth as a character isn't the only reason why I love Throttled, though. Maya is a wonderfully relatable character who's sassy and sweet, and I loved her so much for it. The supporting characters are great and thoroughly deserving of their own stories (which they get!), and Asher has a brilliant knack for balancing heart, comedy, and heat. There's a litany of brilliant one-liners, the sex scenes are really well written (and boy, are the men of Dirty Air filthy), and I fell as in love with Maya and Noah as they did with each other.

There is literally nothing I can say against Throttled. It's honestly been my book highlight of the year so far.

Final verdict: Funny, filthy and fucking fantastic, Throttled is a Formula One delight. 🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯/5 honeypots!

You can get Throttled on Amazon, and you can follow Lauren Asher on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and check out her website for details on her other books and future plans.

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