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REVIEW: Collided by Lauren Asher

Updated: May 8, 2021

Collided is the second book in Lauren Asher's Dirty Air series after Throttled (reviewed here), and it is just as good as the first.

Sophie is the daughter of Bandini's team principal. She's desperate to get herself into some trouble and live a little, much to the chagrin of her overprotective father. Liam is McCoy's golden boy of racing, and in some serious hot water after a very public scandal. They've met before when Sophie was eighteen, but it's not until she talks her dad into letting her join him on the road that they meet again.

And then Liam finds her 'Fuck It' list. And he will not let it go.

I absolutely adored this friends-to-lovers story; Asher does an amazing job of really showing how her characters grow and overcome their own issues. Sophie learns to stand up for herself and get out of her comfort zone, and Liam finally starts working on repairing his own damaged relationships after spending far too long burying his grief. They really do grow as individuals, and that's what makes them so strong as a couple, in addition to their very real friendship.

As always, Asher's writing is filthy and funny in all the right places, with witty one-liners and sexy, salacious smut hot enough to start fires. The platonic and familial relationships are just as important as Liam and Sophie's—I particularly love Sophie and Maya's friendship because it reminds me so much of me and my girls, but the boys and their hijinks are also pretty fun to read about.

Final Verdict: Lauren Asher's done it again with the perfect blend of sweet and smutty, Collided is a must-read! 🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯/5 honeypots!

You can get Collided on Amazon. You can follow Lauren Asher on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and check out her website for details on her other books and future plans.

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