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ARC REVIEW: Catching Cole by Erin Mc Luckie Moya

Disclaimer: I received a free ARC from the author in exchange for a fair review.

I've never really been one for MC romances, but I figured I would give Catching Cole a shot anyway—and it did not disappoint!

Sadie is a freelancer living in Luxembourg, who deliberately has very few ties to—well, anyone. She's a bit of a mystery, and yet I couldn't help but love her from the very first page. She's a classy woman, but there's definitely something going on under the surface. When she travels to Chicago for business she has a one-night stand with Cole that is simply out of this world.

And then he's the primary investor on the project she travelled for in the first place.

They fall into an exclusive, no-strings-attached sexual relationship for the duration of the project—and yeah, you can see where that's going, of course they both catch feelings. But Cole isn't just some bigshot investor, he's also the President of a motorcycle gang—the very lifestyle that Sadie's spent her entire adulthood running from.

I don't want to give too much away, but there are some masterful twists as Sadie's backstory and family history is revealed and the last few chapters are absolutely thrilling. I loved the dynamic she has with Cole, and how absolutely certain he was that he wanted her for real but was willing to wait for her to catch up. And that's to say nothing of their chemistry, which is off the damn charts. Seriously, those sex scenes are fire.

I did think that Sadie changed her mind about relationships a little quickly, and I'd have liked to see some more of her thought process and emotional journey regarding that. Ultimately though, she and Cole are a really well-matched pair, and I'm already eagerly awaiting book two in the series (I might be a little in love with Axel, don't judge me).

Final verdict: Sexy, suspenseful and filled with all kinds of tension, Catching Cole is absolutely brilliant! 🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯/5 honeypots.

You can preorder Catching Cole on Amazon. You can follow Erin on Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads.

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