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REVIEW: 'A Glasgow Kiss' by Sophie Gravia

Updated: May 8, 2021

'A Glasgow Kiss' came up in my Kindle Unlimited recs, and though I'd never heard of Sophie or of the book before, it immediately caught my eye. Not only does the cover recall a frankly iconic statue, but Zara sounded like exactly the kind of girl I wanted to read about—and I wasn't wrong! I couldn't put it down, and devoured the whole book in two days.

Zara is a modern-day Bridget Jones, with the love life to match. A student nurse just weeks away from finally qualifying, she hops onto dating apps to try and land herself a prince—but all she seems to find are frogs. And oh, are there plenty of them!

Zara's an infinitely relatable character; she's funny and goofy and constantly second-guessing herself. She has many a mishap, is far too preoccupied with social media for her own good, and spends an awful lot of time fretting about her looks, her weight, and dating faux pas. In short, she's like every twenty-something woman I've ever known! The girly brunches with best friend Ashley and sister Emily genuinely felt like every gossip session I've had with my mates, complete with stories of terrible dates, embarrassing moments, and lurid sex stories.

I did have my moments where I wanted to shake Zara, sometimes because of her preoccupation with how men viewed her, and sometimes because she kept referring to her vagina as fishy, which feels a little derogatory and shame-y. Ultimately, though, the girl comes good with the perfect ending for her story—all she needed to be happy was her own confidence, and a man can't ever give you that!

There are a few minor grammar issues, and the continual fish references were a bit off-putting, but A Glasgow Kiss is a thoroughly enjoyable read that I fully recommend.

Final verdict: 🍯🍯🍯🍯 honeypots!

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